congresses, meetings and conferences related to the ASTER project

  • RADAR) Muñoz del Amo, A., Hernández-Acuaviva H. (Lecture)
    Arte y Redes Sociales: Prácticas Posdigitales, Privacidad e Identidades” (“Art and Social Networks: Postdigital Practices, Privacy and Identities”)

  • (RADAR) Garcia-Robles R. (Lecture) 
    SciArt: Prácticas transdisciplinares en la sinergia del Arte y la Ciencia” (“SciArt: Transdisciplinary Practices in the Synergy of Art and Science”


  • ( I International Congress on Digital Arts) Rodríguez Tenorio R.
    “About Zium Collective” (Lecture)
    “Azul” (Selected artist and winner of a runner-up prize in the exhibition “lo desenfocado”.
  • ( I International Congress on Digital Arts) Hernández-Acuaviva H.
    “Liquid Landscapes Error” (Selected artist and winner of an accesit in the exhibition “lo desenfocado”)